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MLM Linkup, You have Questions and we have Answers!


  • Have you ever noticed how people have Trust issues with Network Marketing and Direct Sales associates as soon as you say the word "Opportunity"? Sadly, many people have gross misconceptions about this profession and what it can do for them personally, professionally, and financially, let alone the fantastic array of products and services available through its representatives and distributors.

    To help build Trust in this industry we wanted to create a better experience for both business owners and prospects as they met together to build relationships and in the process learn about the options available when it came to products, services, or an opportunity to earn extra income for their family.

    Additionally, we wanted to create a hub of Networking Professionals that could help positively represent this industry in a light that will change the way we do Networking for the future. As technology continues to improve and change, our social landscape continues to evolve creating an even more interconnected society. The greatest advantage we can make of it, is by leveraging this technology in our personal and professional lives.

    Those who can master this new landscape will be the biggest winners financially in the Networking and Direct Sales World and we want to help you do just that!
  • It's FREE and there's nothing better than that right? Well, maybe... If free included a lifetime supply of your favorite food?! Sadly we can't do that, however, what we can do is give you the best online experience possible to link up with potential customers or prospects! Here is what MLMLinkup does for you!
  • 1. We bring the Traffic here so prospects and customers can find you. We do the heavy lifting of online Internet Marketing, this way if your company does not allow click ads we do it for you. Internet Marketing can be very costly and most people do not have the budget or time to do it and so we'll take care of it for you.
    2 We notify you if a prospect wishes to reach out to you. This includes our Quick Contact form that messages ALL paying members of the site.
    3. We protect your privacy and we do not share with prospects your phone number or email address.
    4. Excellently priced advertising tiers designed to fit your budget.
  • The Quick Contact Form, located on the homepage, provides a quick and easy way for future customers or business owners to send our community of paying members questions about what is offered by their company. When a prospect uses the contact form, the message they create is saved for review by one of our staff, this helps reduce unwanted notices in your inbox. Once the message is approved, it is then emailed to only paying members of this site.
  • Your personal information is secure in our database and we have taken reasonable precautions to safe guard that information you've entrusted with us. Which means that we do not directly expose your contact information to the public outside of your Name, Company, and General Location of Residence (Country, State, and City). Additionally, we will continue our due diligence in keeping that information safe. In regards to prospective customers or business owners using our submission or contact forms, in order to process their request for information, the contact information provided at the time of submission is provided to our paying members so they can contact the prospective customer or business owner to answer their inquiry.
  • The short answer, No. MLMLinkup provides you additional avenues and resources for gaining contacts through online means and should never replace traditional contacting methods completly.
  • On the flip side the landscape of Network Marketing and Direct Sales is changing how we reach potential prospects and customers through the Internet. Social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, etc. are creating a unique way to reach a whole new audience in this industry. We believe that to be successful in Network Marketing and Direct Sales today requires a level of an online presence.

Membership and Account

  • The great thing about our service is that we can get you up and running with the least amount of information possible. To this end we have separated the user profile from the billing information. To access the billing information page you click on the Billing link. There you will be able to manage your subscription status.
  • In this section of your Account management page you can see what transactions have been processed by PayPal. If you want to know the full details you'll need to login to your PayPal account and see the full details.
  • Active Subscription information will be displayed along with future subscription levels.
  • To change your subscription level you click on the Buy Now button after entering in all of your billing / account information. After clicking on the Buy Now Button follow the prompts to purchase your subscription level desired.

User Profile

  • When you view your profile you'll have the ability to upload an image including information for prospects or customers to find you on the web. By posting this information you are allowing others on the web to see and learn a little about you and your business. From your User Profile you can access your Billing Account details by clicking on the "My Account" button.
  • It is recommended that you select a business or company profile. This will allow prospects to identify with you what business opportunity they would be engaging in. You can optionally select your Estimated Team Size. This represents the number of reps in your downline business team and what kind of organization they would be joining. Review your Company's Policies before stating an estimated team size.
  • This is where you can optionally share a little about you and/or your business.
  • Your online presence is larger than 'this' site and we understand that. Here you can post some of your business and social media links for prospects to learn more about you and the business that they would be joining. It is strongly recommended that you include such information to help your prospects and customers to know who their future upline team member is.
  • You have the option and ability to hide your Profile from all Searches. This is a privacy option that allows you, as the customer, to control when your profile is publicly available for searches. By selecting the option Hide Profile from all Searches and then saving it, you are removing your profile from public searches, which includes your personal profile image. Billing will continue to process as normal so use this option carefully! If your account is free then you have no worries at all.


  • When changing a paid subscription level your subscription will continue at the current paid level until the next billing cycle or until canceled. If your subscription status is still in good standing at that point your credit card will be charged the new amount and your subscription status will update accordingly.
  • Example 1: You are at the Basic Membership Level and you decide that you want to go to the next Vip Level 15 days into your current subscription. You login to your account and change your membership option to Vip. You complete the purchase and go back to your profile. It will report a "Pending Status" for "Vip" and the date of the next billing cycle. Once the next billing cycle arrives you'll be charged for the "Basic" membership level.
  • Example 2: You are an Executive Member and you choose to change your membership level to Basic 2 Days into your Subscription. You login to your account and change your membership option to Basic. You complete the change and save it. Your profile will now report "Pending Status" for "Basic". and the date of the next billing cycle. Once the next billing cycle arrives you'll be charged for the "Basic" membership level.
  • Those who pre-purchase their subscription level in advance is locked into the price for the amount of time purchased. All customers who sign up for auto renewal of their services will be locked in at the price point that they signed up for. Those accounts that laps due to failed credit card or cancelation will need to renew at the current market rate.
  • If for any reason you run into a billing issue, please Contact us! We want to make it right. Use our Contact form to reach us!


  • Search by default displays all profile types. A filter can be applied to narrow down your list of profiles based on membership subscription level. These are broken down by "Executive", "Vip", "Basic", and "Free". By selecting one of these options and clicking search will display those users by your requested criteria. Optionally, you can also filter or search representatives by Company, Location, and Name. Lastly, you can filter your results for those people who are looking for an "Opportunity" or "Products".
  • As you are browsing existing members on the site. Each member has a contact profile that displays information about them as a Networking Professional. This page is where you can get to know them and their business and products or services. Below their personal profile details is a contact form. By providing information in this form you will be contacting one of our MLMLinkup members. Use of the contact form should adhere to the requested guidelines posted above the form.
  • This is a list of all Direct Sales and Network Marketing Companies we currently have on file. If you feel that we are missing a company please send us the details through our Contact form.
  • The company profile page provides your prospects details about your parent company enabling them to learn more about what it is they would be offering prospective customers or new members. We believe in full disclosure and encourage networking and direct sales companies everywhere to make it easy for new and prospective members to have access to the information they need to make a fully informed decision before joining their company. We have a simple ranking system that provides a high level trust score. The weighted system favors full disclosure and honesty with the new member attempting to research and learn about the company.
  • All points are awared based on an all or nothing scoring process which is designed to help remove human bias from our scoring calculations. For example, if they have said item they get the points if they do not then no points are awarded. The Weighted point system is designed to encourage companies to be transparent in their business dealings with potential representatives up front instead of after they have captured their money and enrolled them as a representative or customer.
    • 3 Points: Income Discolsure Statement (IDS) on Company Website
    • 5 Points: Compensation Plan on Website
    • 5 Points: Policies and Procedures (Legal do's and don'ts) on Website
    • 1 Point: Enrollment Cost on Website
    • 3 Points: Registered and in Goodstanding with
    • 1 Point: Video(s)
    • 3 Points: Products and Services Listed
    • 1 Point: About Page: ie. Company Details, History, What, Why
    • 1 Point: Management Team Details (Who is running the Company?)
  • Score = Sum of Points / Total Possible * 100


  • MLM Linkup Version: 1.0.6706.39819 -Beta
  • Please use our Contact form to send any additional questions you may have. This includes suggestions for new features or functionality. Someone will get back with you shortly!