About MLMLinkup

The #1 Place to find and Linkup with Network Marketers & Direct Sales Associates!

A service by A Game Empowerment, LLC.

Our Mission

is in helping people who are in the Network Marketing and Direct Sales industry find success in their personal home based business by providing online and electronic resources that support their efforts in growing that business through the Internet.

Our Purpose

is Providing the Professional Network Marketer and Direct Sales Associate the best shot at making this industry their full-time profession, period! Our three fold goals are:

  1. Providing a single rich location for all Networking Professionals to promote their business online by attracting new prospects to their page.
  2. Providing Resources for new Prospects to determine what Networking or Direct Sales Business is best Suited for them, including the best Leadership options on the Internet!
  3. Providing Information, Tools, and Training that support the Networking Professional in their profession.
Our Services

A Large percentage of people who struggle in Network Marketing and Direct Sales lack the necessary leadership and training to succeed in this industry. Drive by signings are rampant in the industry and often the result of the culture created within their organization. Regardless of how you came to this industry, for those who desire to make Networking and Direct Sales a full-time profession we provide top level, proven success principles that work through A Game Empowerment's Training Program! Additionally, MLMLinkup is positioned to help the Networking Professional increase their online web presence through Attraction Marketing. We help bring prospects to you!

  • Online Attraction Marketing Tools and Services through MLMLinkup.com.
  • Leadership, Coaching, Mentoring, and Training through A Game Empowerment.
  • An opportunity that meshes with all Home-Based Businesses and should be added to your business assets portfolio. (If you’re asking yourself, ‘Why would I get into another opportunity when I already have one I’m happy with? Keep reading to find out why...)

Generating Leads through MLMLinkup

MLMLinkup, created by A Game Empowerment, was born out of a desire to change how Network Marketing and Direct Sales Associates interact with potential Customers and Prospects online. As the digital landscape continues to morph and our lives become even more interconnected through digital means the way we do business must keep pace. The traditional 5 step pattern outlined below is still tried and true and from our perspective should be used where possible, regardless of the venue you employ to build your network.

  • First, make a List of all the people you know
  • Second, start contacting from your list and removing names
  • Third, Show the Plan and then signing them up as a customer or member
  • Fourth, Follow through by supporting them as needed
  • Finally, Rotate the Pattern by using names from the newly enrolled member's names list

The bottom line is that regardless of how well this process works it is often very hard for the new person who strugges with posture and experience. Many people struggle with fear especially in a new endevour and making contacts is out of most peoples comfort zone when to comes to building a business! But what if there was a better way? I believe that there is, and there are several tools and resources on the Internet that you can leverage to increase your prospecting pool easily and effectively, with low personal risk. MLMLinkup is one such tool, it provides a way for you to attract new members through the methods of Attraction Marketing.

MLMLinkup's primary service is to drive traffic of individuals interested in finding a business, service, or product that suites their needs to our site. We then provide a process where they can learn about the various products, services, and opportunities out there that could bless their lives. Your profile is an important part of that process. It helps the new person learn about you and the leadership you’re willing to provide your team. By building trust through the law of attraction you’ll have a stronger more loyal team member and all of this 24 hours a day 7 days a week regardless if you’re awake or sleeping.

Coaching, Mentorship, and the Opportunity

Stop Losing Money in Network Marketing and Direct Sales! A Game Empowerment is here to help you achieve your goals whether it is earning some extra income for the family or going all out and making this your full-time profession. This industry, for the masses, is the best option out there for earning your financial freedom! However, it is not something for nothing! Going into this profession will be one of the hardest things you will ever do and that is Why we are HERE!

We provide the means whereby you have the best chance at earning success in this industry, period. There are hundreds of various Network Marketing and Direct Sales businesses out there and choosing the right one can be a very daunting and time consuming task. Regardless of the business that speaks the most to you. If it’s just making money, that may not be enough of a motivator for long term sustainability in gaining your success. We will provide additional training, coaching, and mentoring on how you can take this industry by the horns and make a full-time profession, if you desire.

Using MLMLinkup, you’ll have access to over 150 Companies to choose from and learn about, not to mention access to the very promoters of those businesses right here on this site. These resources combined with A Game’s top training program will put you on a solid path to success. To be successful in Networking you have to be in Networking and we have created a training program utilizing key elements from one of the most stable and successful business models in the industry with proven results.

Here is how the program works the “Tuition”, so to speak, is enrolling as a member or customer in the promoted company of A Game Empowerment’s Team. This gives you access to amazing additional training materials that you would not have access to otherwise. Once enrollment is confirmed we provide access to our library of resources that will unlock the secrets of success in the Network Marketing Industry, to you, in a simple to understand and digestible format! Now I know, you’re going to say, “Are you not just trying to build your own networking business and team and taking advantage of us to do so?” I can solidly answer ‘NO’, we would never take advantage of you, and here is why and how we help you succeed:

First, every person that we enroll as a member is literally GIVEN AWAY to another team member who has enrolled earlier, we keep track and place them directly in your team. Which means we’re building a solid business asset for you while all you do is hold a spot and go through the training materials.

Second, there will Always be expensive training and coaching programs out there that offer fantastic services and provide great value in the training alone, but through A Game we wanted to provide you something more. Once the training was over, in most programs, that’s it. All you have is the training materials, videos, and audios alone. We came together and decided that the best and lasting resource to leave the new person was to leave a legitimate asset. When you complete your training with us you’ll have access to additional resources through them that will directly help you be profitable in whatever business you choose to build. We selected this particular company because of their continued training programs and key products that directly help the individual develop financially and into a Networking Professional!

Third, if you choose to keep your spot after you’ve completed your training, you’ll always have a business you can fall back to later and we’d be more than happy to help you get started in it, no matter when you “Quote Enrolled” or when you decide to build it. Simply pick up where you left off and we’ll happily help you build a profitable business with our team!

Fourth, we believe that leadership is the key ingredient for success. You will always have a home here in the Networking and Direct Sales Industry. We have your back, and want to partner with you in your goals to live the life you’ve always wanted.

Finally, it is totally optional, whether you use A Game’s training program or not. There are hundreds and thousands of successful people in the Network Marketing and Direct Sales industry and they are found right here on this site. Many of them have access to or developed programs that will help you integrate into their team and find great success. But, if you desire to have the fastest and most amazing growth ever, we are certain that our program is the best, hands down!

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